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Welcome to our new blog! We will be posting regularly about topics related to avian, equine and canine genetic testing, so please check back frequently for news and updated information. We invite your questions and comments and hope that this blog will be a resource for you. If there is any information you would like to see discussed in future blogs or if you have feedback about our services, please let us know by submitting a comment.

First, a word about our company. Animal Genetics started in 1992 as Avian Biotech, focusing on bird DNA sexing and disease testing.  Although we have since expanded our testing to include canine and equine tests, we continue to be the largest private provider of genetic tests for birds in the world.  Under the direction of Dr. Siwo de Kloet, Professor Emeritus in Biological Science at Florida State University, we have conducted original research to develop reliable tests for emerging avian diseases.  We are also constantly developing tests for equine and canine coat color, parentage verification and genetic disorders.  With offices in the U.S. and the UK, we handle over 90,000 tests on average annually for birds, horses and dogs throughout the world.

At Animal Genetics, we constantly work to improve our testing and to add new tests. We will be writing about these new tests in future blog posts, as well as information about our original research, frequently asked questions, and news related to genetic testing, so please bookmark this site or check back with us soon.

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  1. Kathy Howard says:

    I used the Color Calculator today to see what the % is for getting Palomino, when I breed my Smokey Black stallion to a Palomino mare. It wasn’t even one of the % listed, I’ve done this cross before and got Palomino. Oh and no my stallion does not carry a red gene. Thanks, Kathy

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