JEB 1 Testing for Belgian Draft Breed and JEB 2 Testing for American Saddlebred

Animal Genetics is pleased to offer tests for the presence of JEB 1 (Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa) in Belgian Draft horse breeds and JEB 2 in the American Saddlebred breed.  Clients sometimes ask if we can test for JEB in other breeds, but currently we can only test for the presence of JEB in American Saddlebred, Belgian Draft, and related draft horse breeds. Quarterhorses, for example, cannot be tested for JEB.

JEB is a fatal genetic defect that affects the skin, hair and hooves of newborn foals. Shortly after birth, patches of hair and skin loss begin to form on the foal’s body, and affected foals will die or be euthanized within about 8 days of birth. Both parents must be carriers of the JEB mutation for a foal to be affected, so testing can be used to avoid mating affected horses.

If you have previously submitted a sample for other tests, we can use that sample for JEB testing. For more information about our JEB tests or if you would like to add the JEB test to a previously submitted sample, please call us toll free at (866) 922-6436.  The cost for the test is $35.

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