The ISAG Profile for Canine and Equine DNA Testing

The International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) developed the ISAG Profile to standardize genetic profiles of dogs, horses and other animals. The ISAG Profile is very useful because it allows the results from one lab to be successfully compared with results from any other lab that also utilizes the Profile.

The ISAG Profile is a panel of markers that taken together create a DNA profile. The markers are not meaningful individually.  For example, you cannot tell the lineage, breed or color of a dog or horse from any specific marker. The markers are only a way to create an identifiable DNA profile that is recognized by national and international genetic testing labs.

Not all labs use the ISAG Profile, and in the situation where one lab uses the standardized markers and another does not, it is not possible to compare results.  However, for labs that do use the ISAG Profile, a report from one lab can be compared successfully with reports from another lab for parentage verification or DNA typing.

Animal Genetics, Inc. uses the ISAG Profile for our equine and canine DNA typing and parentage testing services. On top of the standard markers, we use additional industry-approved markers to obtain a more definitive result for our genetic profiles.  Markers that code for the sex of a dog or horse are also included as an internal quality control.

For our canine profiles, we use a marker panel of 21 Loci: AHT121, AHT137, AHTh171, AHTh260, AHTk211, AHTk253, C22-279, FH2054, FH2848, INRA21, INU005, INU030, INU055, REN162C04, REN169D01, REN169O18, REN247M23, REN64E19, REN54P11, AHTH130, and CAN-AMEL.

Our equine panel uses a marker panel consisting of 20 Loci. The panel includes the core ISAG markers, plus additional markers. Our panel includes the following: AHT4, AHT5, HMS1, HMS2, HMS6, HMS7, HTG4, HTG6, HTG7, VHL20, ASB2, HMS3, HTG10, ASB17, ASB23, LEX33, LEX3, CA425, UM011 and AME.

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